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A selection of some of our artists






Matthew Jeanes

"It's funny, some children instinctively know what they will do when they grow up, whether it be a doctor,a nurse,a teacher, an actor or in my case..and artist. Whether i've 'grown up is open to debate but I always knew I would be a painter.. and I am.

Having been around Art ,Illustration and Design all my life, I have achieved all goals in the commercial Art/ illustration/Design fields 
I have taught in one way or another throughout my career, employing and training Junior Artists who now have careers of great note. Running Art departments, projects , brands and companies always with my feet routed firmly in the Art world.
I have been elevated from Junior Artist to Senior, had my own companies with teams of Artists/Designers, run leading brands in the Greetings industry, been Art Director in charge of a studio developing brands for the industry and finally Creative Director developing new ranges and winning industry awards.
I started off illustrating character brands such as Forever Friends, Bubblegum, Country Companions, Winnie the Pooh and Disney and have now moved on to become an artist in my own right. This is where I'm comfortable and definitely where i want to stay."




Lisa M. Griffin

Lisa is a freelance illustrator, living in New Hampshire.

She earned her BFA in Visual Design

& Illustration and worked as a graphic designer before pursuing her dream of becoming a full-time illustrator.

Her work is created using a combination of both traditional and digital techniques. Lisa has been part of the creative industry for over 10 years and has produced art for children's books, magazines, and retail markets.

When not sketching or painting in her studio, she enjoys reading, photography, yoga and spending time with her very active family.



Diana Birkett


Originally from Nottinghamshire, I gained a BA in Fine Art from Exeter University and a diploma in Textile Design from Somerset College of Arts, leading on to a varied career as a designer spanning just over twenty years. I am just as passionate about surface pattern design and illustration as I was when I started and still get a buzz when one of my designs is used on a mug, greeting card, iphone case or any other surface requiring a pattern.


My first job after college was designing swimwear in a fast-paced London studio primarily for the American market, which was a dream job giving me a great training in surface pattern. I later moved into ceramics when I became a surface pattern designer with Royal Doulton in Stoke-on-Trent.


Subsequently I have run my own studio designing for a wide variety of products including ceramics, textiles, greetings cards and gift wrap for a diverse customer base including high street shops such as Marks and Spencer and John Lewis,  through to very prestigious clients such as Althorp, Royal Worcester, Wedgwood and The Royal Collection. Designing the commemorative ware for Althorp in 2000 was a highpoint of my career.


I have worked in many different media throughout my career and I enjoy using a combination of hand painted and digital design. My designs range from intricate and traditional to quirky and modern.


I now work as a freelance illustrator from my home in the beautiful Cheshire countryside where I live with my husband Ian, my son Sam and our cat Buster.